Day 2- The Dreamer I Am


So today I woke up with my throat hurting which could only mean one thing- I am Ill!! (Cue dramatic music!) Now hopefully this is a false alarm and I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling fine and refreshed, but I have a bad feeling this will not be the case. I better prepare the tissues, cough medicine and sick bucket now lol.

Today has been a fairly productive day, as I have finished editing my YouTube video for Wednesday. However this took the whole day and I have therefore got nothing else done. I do not know why it takes me hours to edit, but I’m guessing it has something to do with my extremely short attention span. Now I am what you call a maladaptive day dreamer, meaning I love to day dream and will willingly spend my free time sitting down , and just dreaming away. This often means when I am trying to get work down, which at times can be tedious or just genuinely boring, I will just drift off into fantasy land.

This has also lead to some awkward social situations, as despite it sounding like I can, I really cannot control my daydreaming, meaning at times I will slip into a fantasy world, without even realizing it/wanting to. This often occurs during social situations as, as much as I love my friends and family, sometimes their conversations can be dull. This situation can play out in two ways, either no one finds out I was daydreaming or everyone finds out I was daydreaming and instantly becomes annoyed and offended that I was daydreaming, whilst they where talking,(and back when I was at school, this lead to teasing and bullying.)

What is even worse is that I occasionally talk when daydreaming! Luckily, most of the time when I am surrounded by people, I am able to fight the urge from speaking my day dreams aloud, but sometimes the odd word will slip out, causing the awkward “what did you say” conversation or that judgy ( not a word I know) stare.

So sorry I don’t have anything interesting to say about today, as I have been busy working, but maybe tomorrow will be better!? I hope you enjoyed the glimpse I gave you of my weird mind!

Today’s meme is:



I think this is a good picture of the judgy look people give me when I start speaking my thoughts aloud!

Until tomorrow my fellow readers!

FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren 🙂












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