Day 4- The Day I Actually Carried Through on my Promise!


So today has been a mainly productive day!

I have uploaded a new YouTube video on my channel about the downsides of using Tumblr-( Please feel free to check it out!)

I have also managed to keep good on my promise, and practice my taekwondo in preparation for my grading in a few months. Honestly I am so shocked that I actually managed to do it! Usually I say I will do something but never end up doing it. This is a new Lauren people!

Sadly, this will be a short post as the new episode of Yuri on Ice has just came out, and I am dying to watch it! However I thought I better update my blog before I watch this episode, and inevitably get lost deep inside the fandoms on Tumblr after the episode.

For those of you who do not know about Yuri on Ice, it is a Japanese anime, starring a Japanese man called Yuri  who is an ice skater (bet you totally did not see that coming lol!) Yuri suffered a major loss at last year’s Grand Prix final (some big ice skating competition,) but with the help of his new coach and idol Viktor, he is hoping to walk away with a gold medal. Featuring a typical teenager, a guy who has massive sex appeal, and several homoerotic scenes. You have been warned!

So I am struggling to resist the urge to watch the next episode, so will give in and leave it at that.

Today’s meme is:


I think this sums up my reaction, when I saw that the new episode of Yuri on Ice has released!

See you guys next time!

FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren 🙂


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