Day 5- When I Japanese-ed it up!

So in case you where wondering… that episode of Yuri on Ice last night was totally worth ending my blog post early! The feels nearly killed me lol!! But don’t worry, this blog is a spoiler free zone, and therefore that is all I’m going to say about that!

Anyway today I made a pretty big decision in my life- not anything like getting married or moving out, but to learn a new language! And since I am so obsessed with Japan (I mean who isn’t?!) and I am planning on visiting Japan in the new future, I have took the plunge and have decided to learn Japanese!

Now because I am socially awkward af, and therefore like to keep human socialization to a minimum, as well as being completely broke, (Christmas why you do this to me!) I have decided to teach myself Japanese, using my brain and all the free resources found on the internet!

I have decided to tackle Japanese head on, and therefore I have decided to learn the Japanese alphabet first (a.k.a the hardest part, as they write completely different to us!). I hope that when I have mastered the alphabet, the rest I could learn pretty quickly.

First day spent learning Japanese, and I have already learnt something pretty cool! Did you know that Japanese has several alphabets, the two most commonly used being hiragana (  used most often) and Katakanna ( used when writing words of foreign origin) This therefore makes learning Japanese 3 times as hard! But I welcome the challenge warmly, and hopefully will get the gist of the main alphabets soon.

If any of you are interested in how I am going about learning this language, I am using tricks learnt from my days at school, where I am creating posters, and placing them above my bed, so the first and last thing I see each day is the Japanese alphabet. I am also using cue cards, with the Japanese letter on one side, and the “English” on the other side. I am testing myself using these cue cards several times a day, to help keep it fresh in my mind.

Apart from this I have had a fairly unproductive day, but instead of feeling guilty about not doing any work, I actually feel fairly happy. I think this is because just lately I have been pushing myself fairly hard, and therefore maybe needed a day off.

I hope I have inspired you to learn a language!

Today’s meme is:




Okay so I am not really sure if this counts as a meme, but I find it relatable.. so yeah thought I might as well post it.

See you guys next time (a.k.a tomorrow!)


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a. Lauren 🙂




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