Days 6, 7 & 8- Christmas is Approaching!!

So before you guys start to flood the comment section with ” OMG where the hell have you been!” Let me tell you that I work late hours on the weekend, and therefore did not have time or the energy to update this blog. But do not worry as I will just do an extra large update on Sundays instead.

So since Thursday I have not actually been at all productive! When I haven’t been at work, I have been lounging around on my sofa either on the internet or watching TV! 50% of me currently feels extremely guilty that I have let myself be so unproductive in the last couple of days, yet the other half feels fully relaxed, and ready to work tomorrow morning! Bring on Monday!

One thing I have achieved- something I am quite proud of in fact, is getting my sister addicted to anime! She just happened to stroll into the living room, whilst I was watching Yuri!! On ice, and immediately fell in love with the story! (Is it bad that we got through all the episodes in 24 hours?!?)

Now I have quite a big history of getting my sister addicted to things. In the last year alone, I have gotten my sister addicted to The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Harry Potter, and probably loads more that I cannot name of the top of my head. I think they should call me the Queen of binges, because not only do I binge watch like there is no tomorrow, but I have the innate ability of making other people binge on a particular TV or film series as well.

Talking of binge watching T.V, my father has lately gotten into The Walking Dead, but has somehow managed to restrict how many episodes he watches! Wish I had that strength! So basically my evening plans now include me counting how long it will take my dad before he succumbs to the addictions, and binge watch the next 4 seasons in 2 days! It’s going to happen, it is inevitable! I mean, I must of gotten my binge watching qualities of someone…

My family also nearly made the grave mistake of watching a Christmas movie, two weeks before Christmas! Now I know many of you may start watching Christmas movies at the start of September, but I personally think you shouldn’t even mention Christmas films, let alone watch them before Christmas eve! I am guessing from how everyone  yells at me for saying that, that I am the only person with that view? It is just that Christmas is special, and there is nothing better than watching a Christmas movie with your family on Christmas eve night, with some chocolates. However, watching Christmas films before then, for me personally, spoils that special event and therefore I think they shouldn’t even be mentioned, let alone watched, before Christmas eve for that reason.

Also during the weekend my family ( and by my family I mean my younger sister!) decided to put up the Christmas tree! The tree is supposed to be six foot tall, but I am nearly as tall as it and I am only 5’5 ,so clearly the manufactures where lying! We ( my sister) decided on a red and sliver theme for the Christmas tree, and lights which include what I am pretty sure is an illegal rave setting on them! Seriously, no one in my family are epileptic, yet we where all on the edge of having a seizure, due to the continuous flashing of the lights! I have included some pictures of the tree below, but just like the Christmas light switch on, the camera does not do it justice!


Now that the tree is up, I am starting to feel extremely christmassy!! (is that even a word?) Just two more weeks and it will be Christmas day!! Which is an exciting yet terrifying thought, as I am yet to finish my Christmas shopping. I better make sure I do some shopping next week, before it becomes too late!

This weeks meme is:


P.S this is so totally me!!


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren XXX 🙂


















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