Day 9- My First Subscriber!!

So today has been a pretty big day for me, if you couldn’t tell by the title! I have gained my very first subscriber on YouTube!!!!!

Now some of you may be like ” One subscriber, really??” But to me this is a very big Deal, with a capital D! I started making YouTube videos back in September, but until this day was yet to gain a single subscriber. This made me feel down and like my content was rubbish, and I will never be able to achieve my dreams. At times I even felt like giving up…

Until today, when I hovered over my YouTube account and found that I had 1 subscriber!! You do not know how happy I am! Now I feel like my dreams are achievable, and as long as I work hard and preserver, one day I will become a big Youtuber!

By the way if you are that first subscriber and you are reading this, I love you so much!! Please get in contact with me via twitter (, Tumblr( or just leave a comment, as I would really like to know who you are!

Apart from that, nothing out the ordinary has happened today. I haven’t been as productive as usual ( or as usual, as in the last couple of days I really haven’t been productive in the slightest), but still managed to write a script for a video, which I will hopefully film tomorrow!

One thing I have started doing, is cutting down on the junk food before Christmas. This is because in the last couple of years, I have made a habit out of pigging out on junk food from the start of December, so by the time Christmas comes, I feel extremely ill and my Christmas is spoiled. This year I started the same thing, but today I have officially stopped it, and I am now controlling what I eat, in order for me to actually enjoy Christmas for once, instead of rolling round the floor with a stomach ache, and the desire to vomit!

Today’s meme of choice is:


A.K.A me right lol


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren 🙂



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