Day 10-An Insight Into Procrastionation

So today is going to be a short post I’m afraid, as it is 10:30pm already and I am no where near ready to go to bed, yet I have to get up early in the morning as I have got a lot of work I need to get done.

So today has been a fairly productive day ( for me anyway), as I have managed to film an entire video for YouTube, which means I can now spend tomorrow editing it, and post it on Thursday. (hopefully!)

However despite this, I have been procrastinating a lot too today, as I was planning on editing the video as well today, so I could upload it first thing tomorrow, but looks like that is not going to happen, due to someone (a.k.a me) getting distracted and browsing Tumblr and Twitter instead of editing. OOPS.

Now this is quite normal for me, but what wasn’t normal was the feeling of content and positivity I was feeling, from doing absolutely nothing productive. Usually when I procrastinate an evening away, I usually end up feeling extremely guilty and angry at myself, for wasting good quality time that could of been spent better by actually doing something productive.But I didn’t today, and it was at this moment that I realized something. This is good! You may be thinking “Lauren, how could you feel good about procrastinating your life away?” well you see whilst the angry and guilty feeling tends to make me more productive, it also affected my mental health and overall happiness. Beating yourself up every time you do something completely human and procrastinate, could severely impact you mental health, as this could lead to a negative mind set, as well as a feeling of worthlessness and hatred of oneself. This is because instead of accepting your flaws and mistakes for what they are, you instead make yourself feel bad, over something everybody does then again. This is what I was doing to myself. And God was it effecting me!

Now because I like to see the positive in everything, I will say this. Procrastination has been known to be a good trait in people. There are 3 types of people in the world, the ones who do not procrastinate at all, (a.k.a the ones in your class back in school, who always gave their homework in early. ) The ones who procrastinate way too much and never end up giving in their homework, and the ones who procrastinated but still did their homework, they just usually left it to the last minute. Research has shown that the most creative and successful people are the third type of person, as whilst they are procrastinating, their mind is still on the task they are supposed to be doing, so once they finally come round to doing it, they usually have a better idea of what to do, and therefore usually produce work of a higher quality. So if you are prone to procrastination, just remember that it is alright, and can actually be beneficial (just make sure you actually do, do your work!)

Today’s meme is:


This is what I tell myself anyway…


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren 🙂


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