Day 11- The Day I Tried My Hardest!

So today has been a fairly productive day from a taekwondo viewpoint, as I managed to relearn every single pattern needed for my next grading in a few months time. However, it hasn’t been very successful in terms of work, as I am yet to start editing my video, and I know that I am not going to have time tomorrow, so this video is going to be late out I’m afraid.

Also, today in my taekwondo lesson, I actually decided  to try my best. Now before you start spamming the comments, I do actually try hard during my lessons, I just never push that little bit extra. But today, I decided to and my god don’t I feel good now! There was several moments during the lesson where several people (surprisingly, many of a higher grade then me!) messed up, but because of me relearning all my patterns, and actually trying even harder, I looked good, which is what I want since I want to grade in the next few months.

Also, today has been one of those days where I have had to let one of my friends down, and my god don’t I feel guilty about it! And it’s all because I do not have enough money! You see my best-est friend in the whole world, wanted to hang out with me and go shopping, have lunch together, and maybe pop into the cinema. However, due to Christmas being round the corner, I have been buying Christmas presents like there is no tomorrow, which has left me with no money. I feel so bad for letting her down, but hopefully she understands as Christmas can really rob you of all you money! Christmas why you gotta bankrupt me!!

So anyway it is Wednesday night, which if you may not know, is Yuri on Ice night!! This means I will be cutting this post short!

Today’s meme is:



Basicallly me right now lol!!


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren XXXXXXXX


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