Day 12- Not a Moment to Myself

So today has been one of those days where you do not get anytime to yourself, and since I rely on being alone to film and edit my videos, this means I have been very unproductive! What’s even more annoying is the fact that I didn’t choose for this to happen, as Thursdays are usually my big editing days, where I edit my videos mainly because I am alone on this particular day, but not today due to unforeseen circumstances. Now I am a major control freak, so when something unforeseen occurs and it messes up my plans for the day , it fricken annoys me!!  Knowing that I can not change a single thing about what has happened today, has really frustrated me beyond belief!!

On the bright side, I did pop down to my local school today to pick up my A level certificates, and finished up my Christmas shopping for my friends, so that’s something I suppose! Better luck tomorrow ( If something unsuspected happens tomorrow, expect my blog post to be in all caps!!)

Also, yesterday’s Yuri on Ice episode has destroyed me, and that is all I am going to say on that, A) because of spoilers and B),It would further rile me up, and I do not want this blog post to turn into anymore of a rant then it already is!

So i’m trying to look on the bright side of life, and therefore hopefully I will get through some serious editing tomorrow, and next week’s episode of YOI won’t actually kill me!

I’m afraid I am going to cut this blog post short again, as everything else that has happened today (or lack of), would turn this blog post into a rant, and I do not want to fill up my blog with negative vibes!

Today’s meme is:



I think this sums up how I feel right now pretty well!


FrazzleDazzle a.k.a Lauren 🙂 (smiley face, even through today has been bad)


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